There is not really a ‘limit’ or ‘duration’ for the CCTV system. The duration is actually more dependent on your hard disk space. If you have a bigger space storage, you can actually store a longer period of footage in the system.

To give you an example, 4 cameras with 500GB hard disk can support about 3-5 weeks of footage.

Yes, of course! Our CCTV comes with intelligent view and so, when the lights are turned off, our CCTV will automatically adjust and offer you the view in black and white. This will be ideal especially for office or factory CCTV usage.

Most standard cameras are able to capture footage at 70-80 degree angle coverage. To find out how it actually looks like, do schedule an appointment with our consultant today!

Yes you can! No problem at all! We can even assist you with the setting up on your mobile device. Simply let your sales consultant know so that he or she can assist with the setting up.

Most customers thought that installing CCTV is just installing a pair of ‘eyes’. However, there are definitely differences in the specifications. Some CCTV cameras comes with 0.5 megapixels or 1.0 megapixels but some higher range CCTV can go up to 2.0 megapixels.

Some CCTV only display standard DVD quality however, the higher range CCTV is able to display HD quality (bluray quality).