Authorised Reseller for HikVision

Authorised Reseller for HikVision

At First Solution Group, we are proud to be the No.1 authorized reseller and installer for HikVision. As an authorised installer, we plan to design and integrate Hikvision camera systems to suit your business security needs.

hikvision cctv camera system

A Hikvision Authorised installation should be a business that knows that commercial quality camera systems do not have to be expensive. However, just because a Hikvision camera system is inexpensive does not imply that the quality is.

A Hikvision Camera Installation combines the finest quality technology and hardware at the most affordable price for a high-quality camera system. Hikvision camera installers can acquire the faces and license plates you’re seeking for by combining high clarity cameras that range from HD to 4K with 4K NVRs.

Hikvision Security Cameras

Hikvision cameras combine excellent IR and night vision with cutting-edge WDR (wide dynamic range) to provide one of the finest images in the cctv business. Hikvision cctv systems use extended night vision distance, highest video quality, varifocal lenses for view modification, and vandal resistant exterior cameras that can withstand any environment.

Hikvision Distributor

We take our warranty promise to our clients seriously as a Hikvision Authorized Dealer. As a Hikvision camera distributor, we distinguish ourselves by providing a 5-year manufacturer guarantee. Over the previous seven years, as a trusted Hikvision reseller partner, we’ve installed over 10,000 cameras throughout the United States. Hikvision is a top grade camera manufacturer, whether it’s a dome, bullet, turret, PTZ, or multi lens camera.

Hikvision Video Software

Hikvision Software is available in a variety of configurations. Whether using a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop to view the Hikvision vms, it is a seamless experience that combines a contemporary security camera software experience with a simple and straightforward interface.

Even when processing so much footage, a Hikvision NVR can handle up to 128 cameras and the software doesn’t lose a beat. Get a free trial of Hikvision software now to learn how it can enhance your security experience.

Industries that use HikVision


Hikvision security cameras are used to monitor the actions of government personnel and contractors. Keep unauthorized people out of sensitive facilities and detect problematic activities.

Loss Prevention

Reduce loss in retail businesses and shopping malls by recording live video of customers and personnel. Hikvision cameras may aid in the detection of shoplifters and the monitoring of staff at point-of-sale terminals.

Construction Companies

Using Hikvision cameras, you may ensure that construction workers develop structures in accordance with standards and codes. Protect your equipment and gather video proof in the event of a lawsuit.

Real Estate Property Managers

Monitor the public locations that residents and visitors frequent to improve the security of residential complexes and huge office buildings. Hikvision Video Analytics aids in the prevention of unwanted visits and break-ins.


Hikvision cameras are used to monitor the everyday activities of warehouse operations. Prevent potentially hazardous situations, locate misplaced items, and uncover inefficient operations that may be improved.


Using video footage captured by Hikvision cameras, examine the everyday activities of industrial plants. Daily monitoring may aid in the detection of inefficiencies and equipment problems that impede operational workflow.

Law Enforcement

Cameras and gadgets linked to Hikvision video management software systems may be used to monitor crime hotspots. Dangerous offenders may all be captured as soon as they engage in illegal conduct.


Hikvision cameras help to keep educational workers and students secure. Surveillance may detect illegal activity on the part of employees and uncover potentially life-threatening scenarios.


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