Protect Your Business: 10 Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras

10 Reasons Why You Should Install CCTV At Your Business Premises

Security cameras or closed-circuit television system for a business provides optimum performance and efficiency. The good news is that you can now set up and install security cameras for business without spending a fortune. Security is imperative for a company to prevent trespassers and robbers. It is also essential to safeguard valuable equipment necessary for running the business. Physical safety and digital are both equally crucial for a company to function without any glitch. A sturdy and robust security system will ensure business owners and security staff work with peace of mind. CCTV installation cost is also much lower for business entities and is an excellent investment for every organization.

A well-installed security system can be beneficial to your business in many ways:

  • It can result in the reduction of theft and Robbery.
  • It will protect and safeguard the interest of employees
  • It helps build security
  • It allows remote monitoring facility from a smartphone, tablet, or any portable device.
  • It prevents trespassers from attempting to gain access to the facility.

Let’s quickly dive into the top 10 reasons why you should have CCTV installed at your business premises. CCTV or closed-circuit television cameras use advanced technology that cuts down on costs for businesses while offering protection for their property. There are a significant number of benefits that companies can make most of by installing CCTV.

How to choose a CCTV System

Look Out For TheseDescription
ResolutionIs it 1 Megapixel or 2 Megapixels?
InstallationDoes it come with standard installation?
Harddisk DriveWhat is the size of the harddisk drive?
WarrantyIs there a warranty given to you?

1. Reduced chances of theft and Robbery

By having CCTV cameras installed at your business premises, you can not only keep an eye on any suspected activity but further prevent crimes, theft, Robbery, etc. Installing a CCTV monitoring system has helped businesses control acts of vandalism, and other crimes. Moreover, CCTV cameras also help control theft of intellectual property or leakage of confidential information, which generally occurs inside offices by the employees. It can deter employees from performing any unauthorized activity. It fosters a safe working environment.

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2. Improved productivity on the part of employees

Maintaining efficiency in employees is one of the primary goals of any business to meet their long-term objectives. CCTV surveillance monitored offices have seen improved performance on the part of the employees. They work hard and are focused, knowing that the CCTV cameras are watching their move. Electronic surveillance also ensures that the floor manager can focus on other crucial aspects of work than keeping an eye on employees.

However, it is to be noted that employees should enjoy a certain level of freedom at their workplace. Hence, going overboard with CCTV camera placements is not recommended.

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3. Improved Customer and Employee safety

Having CCTV cameras installed shows your concern towards the customer and also offers improved customer safety. It can also extend protection to the employees. When the surveillance cameras are installed in the parking lots and outside of the physical premises, it records suspicious activity and allows security officials to ensure employees reach their respective vehicles safely.

cctv system Singapore

4. Ensures Business Compliance

Many businesses must have a close circuit television camera system installed to comply with their regulations. Hence, having it installed is almost a pre-requisite for most companies.

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5. Security cameras help Law enforcement

Video surveillance footage is an excellent investigation tool for crime departments to trace criminal activity, including theft and vandalism. The footage acts as extraordinary evidence for supporting or disregarding any illegal activity.

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6. Fool-proof coverage

An efficient and well-placed CCTV system in your business premises provides 100 percent security coverage. Multiple cameras functioning together provide a security mesh that can be controlled from a single command center. It further prevents human errors from hampering your security measures. This emphasizes how vital CCTV cameras are for a business and that they should be installed compulsorily.

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7. Security Cameras Replace Traditional Systems

Security cameras have successfully managed to reduce the need for hiring additional security personnel. An effective video surveillance system is a great way to ensure safety without the expenses of hiring a security guard.

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8. Increased Customer Trust

Businesses equipped with CCTV cameras provide customers with increased safety and security to gain the customers’ trust and confidence. It can further help you monitor customer behavior more closely, understand their buying patterns, and increase profits.

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9. Eradicate Sexual Harassment

Security cameras can prove to be instrumental in eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace. They will act as a strict deterrent against any sexual activity, thereby providing your employees a safe and secure working environment.

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10. Prevention of potential danger in high-risk areas

CCTV cameras are beneficial in the prevention of potential dangers to the working personnel. It’s vital to have security cameras installed in high-risk working areas. Cameras can prevent damage by careful monitoring before an emergency strikes.

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Closed-circuit television or CCTV camera system usage only strengthens the security levels for a business, be it a small, medium, or large organization. It plays a significant role in extending the protection and safety of the employees and customers. Every business must weigh the pros and cons of having a surveillance system installed. It would help if you also looked for the CCTV installation cost, among many other factors that you consider. You can check out the CCTV services in Singapore. There are many authorized CCTV dealers available for you to choose from.

Different Types of CCTV and their price range

CCTVPrice Range
1 x 2MP IR Dome Camera$450-$550
4 x Day & Night 2MP IR Dome Camera$800-$950
8 x Day & Night 2MP IR Dome Camera$1,600-$1,800
8 x Day & Night 4MP IR Dome Camera$1,900-$2,200

A very cost-effective yet highly efficient way of providing security in the workplace is by using Closed Circuit Television. CCTV system lets businesses cut down on costs and lowers the risks of Robbery, fire, etc. You can choose from various cost-effective, durable, and high-resolution cameras designed for several applications as a business. These cameras are made to offer solutions to meet the needs of security professionals.

Security cameras and video surveillance are necessary for the overall security of your business. If you are a business that is still deciding on whether or not to have a video surveillance system, then it’s high time that you should seriously consider it.


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