What are the CCTV Laws In Singapore?

What are the CCTV Laws In Singapore ?

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What are the CCTV laws in Singapore? To deter robbery, a lot of individuals in Singapore are increasingly installing CCTV outside of their residences and places of business. Since nobody would be brave enough to commit a crime in front of a camera, it is an excellent concept. Unfortunately, relatively few individuals are aware of Singapore’s CCTV regulations.

Here is all you need to know about Singapore’s CCTV rules in order to avoid breaking the law and incurring fines.


Here are the things to take note of before installing CCTV Cameras in Singapore


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You must be aware of the appropriate times to get a legal authorization for the installation before installing a CCTV system to safeguard your Singapore home, workplace, or commercial establishment.

Even if you have the best of intentions when installing a CCTV, you will be breaching the law if you do not get authorization before placing the camera in the same locations.

It is done to ensure that no one uses CCTVs to pry into someone’s personal life. The legislation also stipulates that a permission must be obtained before placing a CCTV camera pointed at public property.

In this instance, it deters criminals from placing cameras in public areas that may aid in their illicit acts.

The authorities cannot refuse you a permission to install a CCTV camera outside your gate or workplace unless there is a valid cause.


Places where installing CCTV is permitted without permission


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CCTV may be installed inside your home without a permission. If you don’t have the required approval or permit, you shouldn’t put a CCTV camera in the hallway of your HDB home.

If you don’t get a permission from the authorities, you will be breaking the law if you intend to face the camera on someone else’s property or in a public area. The same holds true for your store or company.

If the camera will be looking inside your office, business, or store, you may install CCTV inside without requesting authorization.

Although you don’t need a permission to install CCTV to monitor your staff, you must let them know using stickers that are clearly visible.

You would be breaking the law if you install CCTV inside your place of business but don’t inform your staff and clients about it.


Locations where installing CCTV cameras requires permission


locations where installing CCTV cameras requires approval

To monitor outside your home or business place, you must apply for a permit before installing CCTV. If you install CCTV to monitor outside your office or home without permission, you will be violating the laws.

To get a permit to install CCTV in some of these places, you must show the need for monitoring that space. If your house or business is at risk of theft or has experienced theft before, you should apply for a permit to install CCTV outside your office, store, or home.


Is it acceptable to install CCTV that records voice?


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Installing a voice-recording CCTV without authorization is prohibited. Since it’s unlawful to record conversations without the participants’ permission, even on private land, installing a voice recording CCTV requires a permit.


Things to Take Note Of When Installing CCTV



Rules change with time. This document may not be updated. Before trusting it, make sure to check contact a lawyer for confirmation. You can also get help from the person helping you install the system. They know all these rules about CCTV installation.