How To Choose The Best CCTV Cameras For Your Warehouse

How To Choose The Best CCTV Cameras For Your Warehouse

Are you tired of worrying about the security of your warehouse? Are you looking for an all-in-one solution that can provide you with the ultimate protection? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you – a warehouse security camera system!

Your warehouse is a prominent target for thefts and other crimes since it is filled with goods and equipment that are worth hundreds or even millions of dollars. To stop thefts, vandalism, incursions, and other undesirable damages, you’ll require a warehouse security camera system as the manager or owner of the facility.

Learn how to select the best security camera system for a warehouse in this article, along with our picks for the best warehouse security cameras.

Why Do You Need a Warehouse Security Camera System?

A warehouse security camera system is an essential tool for any business that wants to keep its inventory, assets, and employees safe. With the rise of theft, burglary, and vandalism in the industry, a security camera system can deter criminals and provide evidence in case of an incident.

Additionally, a warehouse security camera system can help you monitor your employees’ behavior and ensure that they follow the company’s policies and procedures. This can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and accountability.

Features of the Best Security CCTV Cameras for Your Warehouse


1.Full HD. There are 4MP warehouse cameras, 1080p/720p warehouse security systems, digital warehouse cameras, etc. accessible on the market. For a warehouse with plenty of staff, guests, and trunks, a surveillance camera with good resolution is important. (Verify whether your security camera can recognize license plate and persons.)

2. Night vision. The warehouse security monitoring system with exceptional night vision may act as a night security guard, observing your possessions and assets in the warehouse 24/7 reliably. Typically, the amount and quality of IR LED lights define the night vision distance together.

3. Mobile app. Security camera for warehouse with mobile App enables you watch the warehouse from anywhere. To get the most out of your warehouse security camera, you may install the iPhone or Android app for your warehouse camera on your mobile device.

4. Wide angle. A large-sized warehouse demands a camera product with a broad angel, covering every corner. Fisheye security cameras and PTZ cameras are all fantastic warehouse security cameras with a broad viewing angle and coverage.

5. Waterproof. To keep an eye on the outdoor area of your warehouse, warehouse security cameras should be water-resistant. Generally an IP 66 waterproof certification enables your camera to perform properly even in adverse weather conditions.

Important Advantages of CCTV in Manufacturing Facilities:

  1. Deter unauthorized access to factory grounds.
  2. Employ CCTV to oversee and regulate production quality.
  3. Promptly rectify any safety breaches in the workplace.
  4. Utilize our remote surveillance CCTV setup to enable factory owners to monitor operations from anywhere globally.
  5. Enhance accountability among employees by recording their actions and behaviors, fostering a culture of responsibility and adherence to protocols.

Best Wide-Angle Warehouse Security Cameras

PTZ Camera

If your warehouse is merely a small-sized one, I would recommend HIKVISION DS-2DE4425IW-DE IP 4MP PTZ Camera

It is a PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) PoE security camera with a viewing angle of 36°~100°, utilized both in and out of your warehouse. It can revolve 360° infinite horizontally and 90° vertically, taking super HD (4MP) movies and monitoring every part of your area and never miss a single thing.

Not only does it provide a wide angle viewing, this camera is also equipped with advanced analytics features, such as line crossing detection, intrusion detection, and face detection. These features allow you to customize the camera’s behavior based on specific events, such as when someone crosses a line or enters a restricted area. The camera can also trigger alarms and send notifications to your phone or email when it detects an event.

With the free IVMS App installed on your iPhone or Android phone, it’s of great convenience for you to operate your HikVision warehouse security camera. You know precisely what occurs in your warehouse when you are not there. If there is a break-in, you’ll receive real-time warnings and take urgent actions to stop the theft before it happens.

Full HD warehouse security camera system is available at a price of $600+ (excluding cabling installation) on our website. Refer to the video captured by RLC-423 PTZ security camera for warehouse, if you are still considering if it is right for your place.

Protect your warehouse with top-notch CCTV cameras designed for industrial security. Our top pick, the HIKVISION DS-2DE4425IW-DE IP 4MP PTZ Camera, offers panoramic views and intelligent analytics for maximum security. Upgrade your warehouse security, contact us now.

Extra Tips: Warehouse Security Checklist

No single warehouse security technique will prevent theft altogether. Alongside alarm systems and video surveillance cameras, you can also take additional safety and security precautions in a warehouse and build warehouse security plans to protect your goods and belongings.

1. Inspect all entry points, and prevent suspicious person from reaching your warehouse.

2. Install a secure door, which is constructed of durable materials, such as metal, and also harden your door frames.

3. Convert to robust locks. And make your warehouse is properly illuminated with motion sensor lights, which also saves money. A dark warehouse is more susceptible and more prone to be thieves.

4. Isolate loading docks from parking lots, and separate the shipping and receiving docks.

5. Employ personnel with no criminal history. Conduct background check before employing someone.

6. For a reasonably large distribution center and warehouse, stringent inspection is necessary for all departing vehicles at the warehouse’s security check point.

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