Installing Security Cameras at Your Car Wash

Installing Security Cameras at Your Car Wash

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Prevent false damage claims and more with a total inspection station from First Solution Group.

Since car washes are frequently the target of criminal activity such as burglary, robbery, vandalism, and internal theft, it is crucial for their owners to create a crime prevention plan. False damage claims are another frequent problem that vehicle washes deal with. The majority of car washes are tiny businesses that are trying to earn a profit while navigating regulatory obstacles, unexpected weather, and inflation.

Because of this, it’s critical to prepare in advance rather than attempting to use reserve funds to deal with illegal activities like vandalism and fabricated damage claims, which can harm a company’s long-term profitability as well as the reputation of the car wash brand.

Physical barriers and lighting, such as rolling gates and floodlights, may not always be sufficient to prevent crime and successfully guard all areas of your car wash from potential theft and vandalism, but they won’t be able to shield you from bogus damage claims.

Customers can take advantage of your business by filing a damage claim in order to use your funds to fix their already-damaged vehicle if you can’t demonstrate, with picture or video evidence, that your customer’s automobile wasn’t already harmed when it entered your car wash. Even if your damage policy covers you against such occurrences, small companies like car washes lack the time, money, and resources necessary to handle such claims in small claims court.

So what can you do to safeguard your company against fake damage claims as well as vandalism and product loss? Speak with a knowledgeable security camera installer. Here are some things you can do to keep an eye on every aspect of your car wash, stop criminal conduct, and produce evidence for insurance claims so that guilty parties can be brought to justice.


Full HD High Quality Image Security Cameras


While using security cameras to detect cars and license plates is essential for protecting a car wash, lesser resolution security cameras are unable to do this. That means you’ll need to upgrade to a high-resolution security system like 4K if you want to record enough detail to fight phony insurance claims like pre-existing scratches or damage.

Although the cost of a 4K security system is the first thing that springs to mind, this technology has advanced significantly in recent years and is now within the budget of the majority of small businesses. 4K systems are evolving into the new norm as security camera resolution continues to increase. This implies that a security consultation is now only a few steps away from considerably sharper video, smoother motion, and a more accurate representation of what has happened.

With four times the resolution of a more typical 1080p camera, 4K high-definition offers digital zoom by enhancing the visual and color quality of the movie. A larger aperture, more effective BSI sensors (for capturing as much light as possible), warm-light LEDs (instead of infrared, which produces black-and-white footage), and additional applications that make monitoring areas simpler and more efficient are also more likely to be found in 4K security cameras. In 2022, find out more about creating a cutting-edge enterprise security system.


The Whole Inspection Facility

It’s critical to get every viewpoint of each vehicle that enters the car wash in order to safeguard your company against fictitious damage claims. Finding a security firm that has experience with car washes is vital because many security installers are knowledgeable and proficient with security camera placement for monitoring and deterrence purposes.
Your installer will need to either work with your current structure or construct a new one that can contain a “whole automobile inspection station” in order to successfully record all angles.

The cameras in a whole inspection station (shown in the illustration) will track every angle of each car that enters your washing bay. You’ll now have a list of every person who has utilized your facility, as these systems are frequently programmed to activate by motion. Whether the client is mistaken about the pre-existing scratch or is attempting to make a bogus damage claim for an insurance payout, you will be able to evaluate the film and assess whether the claim has substance if they have a complaint about potential damage.

Such protection can help keep your company out of legal trouble while also saving you time and money dealing with these clients’ claims. Also, if the damage was brought on by your car wash, it will be simpler for you to identify the problem and make the necessary corrections.

Cameras that are waterproof

An environmental grade is offered to damage-resistant security cameras to reflect its viability in various outdoor and indoor conditions (see IP rating). Depending on its IP rating, security cameras can withstand serious vandalism, water, weapons, heat, cold, weather, pressure, and a range of other natural and artificial forces that would ordinarily cause equipment failure. For instance, outdoor cameras should be certified either IP66 or IP67, while internal cameras should have an IP rating between IP44 and IP65 (or higher). Check out this infographic if you want to learn more about IP ratings.

Security cameras that are rated for wet surroundings, pressurized water spraying, and adverse weather conditions should all be taken into account in the case of the vehicle wash. Consider having a camera placed that can withstand these conditions rather than being compelled to install a security camera that can’t withstand these conditions in an inconvenient location.


Installation of security cameras at car washes

Every company’s profitability can be negatively impacted by illegal conduct, and phony damage claims can ruin your brand’s reputation while costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Installing a suitable security system is a great way to head off this issue.

First Solution Group can reduce risks like theft, vandalism, robberies, employee problems, false claims, and other occurrences associated to operating your car wash thanks to their more than 30 years of experience installing security systems.

Car wash owners can better prepare themselves to ward off these difficulties by investing in the appropriate security system and installation professionals, thanks in part to developments in security camera technology like resolution and other characteristics described above.

It’s crucial to note that due to the amount of programming and troubleshooting they demand, the majority of professional-grade security cameras aren’t designed to be installed by consumers. This is why we always advise expert installation for factors like optimal positioning, selecting the right cabling based on the circumstances and speed, and most importantly making sure that all of the features are functionally sound and maximizing your field of view.


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