Biomteric Fingerprint Door Access Control Terminal

Biomteric Fingerprint Door Access Control Terminal

Suprema BioEntry R2


Compact RFID card and fingerprint reader Suprema BioEntry R2 is made specifically for centralized access control systems. BioEntry R2 offers high-definition fingerprint picture capture, minutiae extraction, and dual-frequency multi-RF card reading functionality, all packed into a thin, mullion-type design. BioEntry R2 completes a biometrics-driven access control system with the increased simplicity and degree of security of a centralized system architecture when used in conjunction with Suprema’s intelligent biometric controller, the CoreStation.

Communicates with smartphones

Allows you to use your Android smartphone as an access key because it supports NFC. (No BLE support available) the NFC (Near Field Communication)
communicates with Android’s HCE for NFC. Data transmissions are protected using the AES encryption method.


Best in class performance

The class-leading 1.0GHz CPU in BioEntry R2 improves user experience by providing the fastest matching speed in the world, a high-precision OP6 optical sensor, and the most recent Suprema fingerprint algorithm.




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