CCTV Camera Remote Viewing and Alerts

CCTV Camera Remote Viewing and Alerts

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Did you know that you may use your smartphone or laptop to view what’s going on inside your property? One of the most common ways for homes and businesses to improve security is the capability to watch security cameras. We’ll talk about remote viewing, which is the practice of seeing CCTV footage from a distance, in this post. The act of remotely viewing involves observing what is happening in someone else’s CCTV camera. You might be interested in learning how to remotely examine CCTV footage for security reasons, depending on your degree of interest.


Remote viewing: What is it?


Although the phrase “remote viewing” has been employed in many different contexts for different goals, when it comes to CCTV it only refers to a straightforward concept. The concept behind this is the ability for a user with authorized access to a CCTV system to view that CCTV footage from a distance. This is a significant technological leap because, for many years, viewing CCTV footage required being present physically at the spot where the cameras were installed. What about “alerts,” which is a part of “Remote Viewing and Alerts”?


Remote surveillance and security alerts


Most people are comfortable without actively monitoring their CCTV system around-the-clock, seven days a week, but when you suddenly have the ability to do so, you’ll find there are many situations where you might be able to benefit from this capability. To begin with, if you are on vacation or are away for business, you might want to occasionally check on the condition of your property for residential purposes. Additionally, alerting can be set up so you won’t need to check on the house frequently unless absolutely necessary. When certain vents, like motion detection or line crossing regulations, are activated, alerting occurs and an alarm is immediately delivered to the app on your smartphone. Many of our clients use it to check on their animals when they are away from home and make sure they are all OK.


How to View CCTV Remotely


There are a few various approaches you can take. The simplest method is to use a laptop or computer with Wi-Fi or Ethernet capabilities, as well as our free smartphone app Elite viewer Pro. It’s quite simple using our systems. Three is a peer-to-peer feature on your recorder that can be directly scanned into our free smartphone app using its QR code. You can then manually connect to the system whenever you want through the app. You can also turn on the notifications we discussed above to be informed whenever you need to utilize the app for alerts and remote viewing. Our app, Elite Viewer Pro, is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Once you’re connected, you’ll have access to all of your recorder’s functions, including the ability to retrieve previously recorded material and even adjust PTZ controls for cameras that support them. You may even listen in right from the smartphone app if the camera has a microphone.


Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring


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You probably won’t even consider some of the advantages of remote watching if given the chance. You can see what’s going on inside the building from above. If you’re concerned about security or simply want to be as thorough as possible, using your own eyes is the most reliable approach to learn what is happening within a structure. Since the image is real-time, you receive immediate feedback. You receive immediate feedback on what the camera sees because the images are transferred from the camera to your computer. You can verify this for yourself by using your computer’s “ping LOCAL-IP-ADDRESS” command to see whether you receive a response. If you don’t, you won’t be able to verify whether the ping response is accurate.

When it comes to keeping an eye on your home, CCTV is a very useful tool. These days, there are so many cameras in the field that it is very simple to discern what is happening from other people’s film. With the use of remote watching, you can observe internal camera activity as well as computer activity. This is an excellent place to start for anyone interested in security and related topics because you can see what the camera is seeing without having to get up and move around. It’s simple to become overwhelmed by the amount of material available today. Even occasionally, you can find yourself unintentionally shooting video. You may remotely monitor the camera to observe what’s happening and erase any film you don’t want to see.




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