How to Maintain and Clean Your Solar Panels

How to Maintain and Clean Your Solar Panels


Solar panels are a great investment for any household, as they can provide clean and renewable energy while also reducing energy costs. However, it is important to properly maintain and clean them to ensure they are working efficiently. Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning your solar panels:


Regular Inspections


Regular inspections are an important part of maintaining your solar panels. You should inspect your panels at least once a year to ensure that they are still properly installed and securely fastened. Check for any signs of damage such as cracks, corrosion, or loose connections.


Keep Them Clean


Dirty solar panels can significantly reduce energy production by up to 25%. To keep your solar panels working efficiently, it is important to keep them clean.

Cleaning your solar panels is a simple process that can be done with some basic tools and techniques. Here are some technical details on how to clean your solar panels:

  1. Turn off the Power: Before cleaning your solar panels, it is important to turn off the power supply to avoid any electrical hazards. This can be done by turning off the AC disconnect switch or the breaker in the electrical panel.
  2. Choose the Right Time: Clean your solar panels on a cool day or in the early morning or evening when the panels are not hot. This will prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating quickly and leaving streaks. It is also important to clean your panels before any major storms or dust storms to prevent any buildup of dirt or debris.
  3. Use the Right Tools: Use a soft-bristled brush, sponge, or cloth to clean your solar panels. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can scratch or damage the surface of the panels. Use a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer or a mixture of soap and water. Do not use any cleaning solution that contains ammonia or abrasive materials.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: After cleaning the solar panels with a cleaning solution, rinse them thoroughly with water to remove any soap residue or dirt. It is important to use a hose with a gentle spray to avoid any damage to the panels.
  5. Dry the Panels: Let the solar panels air dry or use a squeegee to remove any excess water. Make sure to dry them completely to avoid water spots or streaks. It is important to use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the edges of the panels to prevent any water from seeping under the panel.
  6. Regular Cleaning Schedule: Develop a regular cleaning schedule for your solar panels to ensure that they are always working efficiently. Depending on your location and weather conditions, you may need to clean them once or twice a year. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you may need to clean them more often to prevent any buildup of dirt or debris.
  7. Hire a Professional: If you are uncomfortable cleaning your solar panels or if they require more extensive cleaning, consider hiring a professional to do the job. Professionals have the proper equipment and experience to safely and effectively clean your solar panels.


Check for Shading


Shading is another factor that can significantly reduce energy production. Make sure that there are no objects blocking the sunlight from reaching your solar panels. Trees, buildings, or other objects can cast shadows on your panels and reduce their energy output.


Hire a Professional


If you are unsure about how to maintain or clean your solar panels, consider hiring a professional. They can perform a thorough inspection and provide you with advice on how to properly care for your panels. Additionally, they may be able to perform routine maintenance tasks that you are not comfortable doing yourself.




Maintaining and cleaning your solar panels is an important part of ensuring that they are working efficiently and providing you with the maximum amount of clean energy. Regular inspections, keeping them clean, checking for shading, and hiring a professional are all important steps in the maintenance process. By properly caring for your solar panels, you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy for many years to come.


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