Trina Solar Panels vs Jinko Solar Panels


In Singapore, a city-state known for its technological prowess and commitment to sustainability, solar energy is increasingly becoming a key component of the national energy strategy. Companies like Trione Energy have been instrumental in this transition, installing solar panels from well-known brands like Trina Solar and Jinko Solar. Both brands have carved a niche for themselves in the solar industry, not just in Australia but also in Singapore, offering cost-effective solutions with robust warranties. This article aims to delve into the specifics of these two brands, exploring why they are popular choices for Singaporean households and businesses.


Trina Solar Panels: An Overview

The Honey Module

Trina Solar’s Honey Module is renowned for its efficiency. Its unique design enables it to capture more sunlight, convert it into electrical energy, and store it in its honeycomb-shaped cells. This results in higher power output with less effort, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications in Singapore.

Key Data for Honey Module

  • 60 cell multi-crystalline module
  • 255 – 270W power output range
  • 16.5% maximum efficiency
  • Frame: silver / black anodized aluminium alloy
  • 10-year product workmanship warranty
  • 25-year linear power warranty

Honey M Plus Framed 60-Cell Module

Another popular offering from Trina Solar is the Honey M Plus Framed 60-cell Module. This module features a high-performance design with innovative technologies that enhance efficiency and reliability. Its frameless design adds aesthetic value, making it a fantastic choice for anyone in Singapore looking to transition to renewable energy sources.

Key Data for Honey M Plus

  • 60 cell mono-crystalline module
  • 275-305W power output range
  • 18.6% maximum efficiency
  • Backsheet: silver / black anodized aluminium alloy
  • 10-year product workmanship warranty
  • 25-year linear power warranty

Jinko Solar Panels: An Overview

Eagle 60

Jinko Solar’s Eagle 60 is one of the most popular solar panel models in the market. With a power output of up to 280 watts, it is well-suited for both residential and commercial solar systems in Singapore. The panel also boasts an efficiency rating of up to 17.11%, making it one of the most efficient models available.

Key Data for Eagle 60

  • 260-280 watt poly-crystalline module
  • 17.11% max efficiency
  • Frame: anodized aluminium alloy
  • 12-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear power warranty

Why Choose First Solution Group for Your Solar Needs?

At First Solution Group, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solar solutions right here in Singapore. With our extensive experience in installing Trina and Jinko Solar panels, you can be assured of a system that offers excellent performance and long-term reliability. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right panel to suit your needs to professional installation and after-sales support. Invest in the future today with First Solution Group, and experience the benefits of sustainable, cost-effective energy.

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Cheetah PERC 60M

Another innovative offering from Jinko Solar is the Cheetah PERC 60M. This model features Jinko’s signature PERC 60M cells, optimized for high-efficiency power output while maintaining heat resistance and durability. Given Singapore’s tropical climate, these features make the Cheetah PERC 60M an ideal choice for all solar applications.

Key Data for Cheetah PERC 60M

  • 305-325 watt mono PERC module
  • Maximum efficiency 19.48%
  • Frame: anodized aluminium alloy
  • 12-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear power warranty

Conclusion: Why Trina and Jinko are Popular Choices in Singapore

Both Trina and Jinko Solar panels offer excellent options for families and businesses in Singapore looking for affordable yet efficient solar systems. Trina’s Honey Module and Honey M Plus offer robust performance and durability, making them ideal for Singapore’s varied weather conditions. On the other hand, Jinko’s Eagle 60 and Cheetah PERC 60M panels offer high efficiency and are well-suited for the tropical climate.

The main difference between the two brands lies in their product warranties. While Trina offers a standard 10-year product warranty, Jinko goes a step further with a 12-year warranty, giving it a slight edge in terms of long-term reliability.

As Singapore continues to make strides in sustainable energy, the role of reliable and efficient solar panels cannot be overstated. Both Trina and Jinko offer compelling options, making them popular choices for anyone looking to invest in solar energy in Singapore.

Ready to Make the Switch to Solar Energy in Singapore?

If you’re considering transitioning to solar energy in Singapore, look no further than First Solution Group. As experts in installing high-quality solar panels, we offer both Trina and Jinko Solar panels, renowned for their efficiency, durability, and robust warranties. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a business aiming to cut down on energy costs, we have the perfect solar solution tailored to meet your needs. Don’t miss out on harnessing Singapore’s abundant sunlight for sustainable energy.

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